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2 Girls meditating under the holy tree. Retreat organized by Nirvana The Moksha.

Meditation Is For Everyone

Nirvana the Moksha retreat Program is for everyone to practice. Our meditation techniques and Guided Meditation methods help seekers to become active, mindful and focused. Mindfulness Meditation is very comfortable for an individual to practice for specific stress problems and healing.  

Meditation Techniques are very effective in healing and spiritual awakening. Nirvana The Moksha guided meditation helps in complete awareness about yourself, helping you to divert the focus towards spiritual and a good human being, and you and can make better decisions as you develop the focus to see the happenings around you.  

Meditation techniques and guided meditation help individuals become passive and not sluggish. The process is to become alertly passive and to become a witness of what is going in and outside. 

At the early stages of meditation techniques, one has to learn to become alertly passive, which prevents the overindulgence of energy. The immune system in our body fights and removes hindrance in our physical growth. In a similar way, a strong spiritual energy helps us remove the obstructions to our spiritual growth and mindfulness.  Guided Meditation is not just to concentrate our mind on a particular point or image, meditation music, which requires effort, but is an effortless awareness and mindfulness through recommended meditation techniques, pranayama, and meditation music. 

Nirvana The Moksha guided meditation retreat programs will help your mind to become more watchful. Mindfulness is to sense each and every movement, taking place at physical as well as mental level, without any prejudice, without any decision whether positive or negative, of friend or foe, ugly or beautiful, of right or wrong, no selection, no rejection, just watch and free your mind.  You will experience various meditation techniques and the positive effect on you.  Our Guided Meditation Program will bring freedom in your life, freedom from all bondage, freedom from our self-created self-obsessed world both in and outside. Mental freedom is the key to eternal peace and silence. 

Meditation is deep silence, stillness, it is when the mind is unclouded by thoughts and in this deep silence and emptiness shines the sun of understanding in its culmination and its rays penetrate all layers of ignorance and bring the truth of entire existence in our hand.  

Woman meditating near Ganga river in Rishikesh

Meditation Can Help You

Meditation can transform your life. it's about increased confidence level and self-control, Higher concentration, Better relationships and Reduced stress levels to name just a few. Once you have found your own inner stillness, you will be able to access it again and again and with ever greater ease.

At Nirvana the Moksha retreat program,  you are going to discover your inner self, harmony, and tranquillity within. Self-enlightenment with little effort! Not only will you discover the power of meditation techniques and effectiveness of guided meditation, but you'll also learn extra bonus tips to actually help people.  

Mindfulness can transform your life with an increase in confidence level and self-control, higher concentration level, better relationships and diminution of stress levels, to name a few. Once you have discovered yourself through meditation techniques you will be able to access it again and again, ever greater ease and comfort.

Meditation is a process to know your self better. It helps you to identify your art and a vision to look beyond the problems. Somehow, people think that meditation will make them move upward in life. Truth is, that it helps you move inwards. Journey to the inner self-makes you free, it helps you to see with clarity, Guided meditation tweaks almost everything in your life by changing the way you look at them, by changing the way you approach them and by changing the way you solve them.

Meditation improves the quality of life by changing our approach towards it. Meditation retreats at Nirvana the Moksha are not just a picnic, it helps you to discover your weakness, accept them and work on them, without taking any stress. Joy is the mantra at Nirvana the Moksha.

Gyan Mudra in Meditation

Meditation is Self-Realization

Nirvana the Moksha organizes one of the best-guided meditation programs, Spiritual Retreats, meditation and yoga retreats, couples retreat. Here, you would discover your own inner tranquillity will have a ripple effect on your life, bringing surprising benefits including better health, and a longer attention span. Guided Meditation is the enrichment of your soul, while a meditative state is the natural outcome of yoga and the spiritual benefit of meditation is supreme bliss or enlightenment, which is Nirvana. 

Nirvana The Moksha Spiritual and guided meditation program is to people discover their own inner serenity and have a long-term effect on life,  bringing surprising benefits including better health, and a longer attention span. Meditation Techniques like Sahaj Yoga, Nad Brahma, Kundalini and other related meditation techniques develop very effective impact on an individual and it guides the path towards self-realization. Such meditation techniques enrich the mind and soul.  

The meditative state is the natural consequence practising yoga and enlightenment, that is Nirvana, is the result of spiritual meditation techniques. These words are unlikely to be understood by many. However,  progress towards meditation techniques and guided meditation, have several benefits for the body, mind, and soul.  Nirvana The moksha program is developed with a combination of meditation techniques that bring freedom, freedom from the physical world, from our body and mind,  freedom from opinion and views, freedom from life experiences and emotional damage, from all beliefs, from all memories and to become entirely aloof. 

It is a journey that starts with our physical world and ends with an eternal silence and emptiness.

Programs offered by Nirvana The Moksha

Spiritual Training for Corporate, Institutions and Individuals

Nirvana the Moksha offer various programs into meditation for a Mindful and stress-free life. 

  • The programs are conducted under the supervision of trained instructors and trainers. 
  • The programs are conducted in small groups with personalized attention for the seekers. 
  • Retreats are organised in the lap of nature, away from the city that helps you rejuvenate faster.  
  • Our Retreat is the combination of meditation techniques like Self-Inquiry, Chakra Meditation, Mindfulness, Kundalini, Yoga Nidra, Mantra Meditation, spiritual sessions, Yoga and Pranayama.
  • We offer customized training sessions depending on Seeker's current state of mind.  
  • Program into analyzing yourself, understanding spirituality, embracing Joy over sadness, strengthening your relationship, mastering your mind, for fitness and reshaping the body and mind, are available. 
  • Asana, Prayanama, Mudra, Bandha, Yoga and meditation are performed in all our programs.

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