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Acceptance : Willingness to Change!

Acceptance is not Escapism:

As we discussed in our past blogs on meditation, the relaxation that it is important to face and accept your limitations to improve your focus and lower your stress level. Rewind it again to understand the root cause of all the problems, the panch kleshas. As explained in the Vedas find out about Fear, Envy, Anger, and hatred. And how acceptance can be the first step towards the nirvana. Human possesses many qualities, some of them are inherited or carry forwarded from our past life, ie samskara, and some can be acquired. Fortunately, Acceptance is the quality that we can acquire. It is difficult for us to work in this direction due to continuous challenges from the surroundings.


This acceptance can do wonder for your anger as well. Anger the root cause of health issue, relationship issues. Anger leads to the destruction. If you accept that you cannot control everything. You will understand the power of patience, the power of persuasion, the power of tolerance. Why do we get angry? 

Anger is a reaction out of frustration when we are unable to bear the pressures, criticism, and threat among others. Envy, hatred, and fear add to the anger. Anger can come out as reactions from mild irritation to major fury. That leads to high blood pressure and anxiety. Bhagwat Geeta says, there is no greater enemy than anger. It wastes your spiritual energy. It can only be combated by practicing tolerance in one life in order to attain the state of Akrodh the absence of anger, as told in Vedas. Some people believe Acceptance makes us weak and stop us from an action. At times we give up on relationship, love, profession believing that it is impossible to make things better, without putting your sincere efforts. 


Acceptance is not escapism. Another important thing we should remember that situations vary time to time. Human life is full of challenges and sacrifice. It is tough. Without sacrificing, without efforts, one cannot achieve or get what he needs. Doing self-analysis, determining the skills we possess, gauging the level of emotions we carry for others and above all the situation we are living in can help us when to use Acceptance as a tool to be strong and move ahead in life. Acceptance is willingness to improve, willingness to change and move ahead. Accept the negative characteristics of mind, work on it with Nirvana the Moksha retreat and get rid of this poison, the poison that is not letting you reach the mindfulness. Acceptance is the mantra to start your journey to the inner-self. 

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