•Spirituality offers a great difference through fundamental transformation. 

•It is a holistic way to engage people; with a perspective that can improve Concentration, Creativity and Productivity. 

•Ethics, Integrity and Values are the real concern of the hour. 

•Loyal employees and healthy environment are as important as the economics.

Meditation classes are held at many major corporations, such as Medtronic, Apple, Google, Yahoo, McKinsey, Hughes Aircraft, IBM, Hughes Aircraft, Cisco, Raytheon. 


•Emphasize Sustainability

•Value to the Organisation


•Cultivate unique and productive ideas

•Improves Capacity


  • Explore spiritual practices that align the leader and the team, resulting in a more mindful, integrated, and authentic trust. 

  • Engage in your developmental capacity compassionately and measure the edges that limit your effectiveness and build bridges to those capacities not yet explored. 

  • Determine your deepest power and authority, your connection to divine intelligence for your leadership and your organization. 

  • Enlarge the vision of your impact in leading yourself and others toward deeper spiritual joy in the meaningful work you undertake with your team


NTM believes that harassment does not only cause mental and/or physical damage to the person harassed; but also severely limits the opportunities at work, due to a discriminatory work environment. 

The session covers different aspects related to registering and addressing the complaints regarding different kind of harassment and spreading awareness about gender-related issues and functioning of the Internal Complaints Committee.

Harassment is intentionally offensive behaviour towards someone based on their gender, sexual orientation, age, caste, religion, race among other things. It can be a form of discrimination that may eventually lead to harassment. It can be verbal, non-verbal or physical, that has a wide range of actions like bullying, stalking, Teasing, pestering, Commenting, Namecalling, Threatening, derogatory remarks, all count under harassment. 

Sexual Harassment Awareness Training Sessions

Under this session your employees will learn and apply the important skills of handling sexual harassment issues and complaints. 

The session thoroughly addresses the elements of how to prevent sexual harassment at workplace

The session includes a detailed overview of what is sexual harassment, Legal definitions, discusses sexual harassment prevention, and trains how to handle sexual harassment complaints and maintain a positive work environment.

In this digital era, employees should be encouraged to come forward and talk about their harassment or discrimination at work; before taking over the internet and damaging the company’s reputation. New employees must be briefed about the company's policy on such sensitive issues. 

Ideally, employers may not discriminate in hiring, firing, payment, layoffs, recruitment, training, benefits, etc. Companies may not discriminate based on age, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, national origin, religion, or race, among others.

Sexual Harassment is perhaps the most thought-of type of harassment at work place. Action listed above and other offensive actions like inappropriate Touching, Poking, Pinching, Indecent body language, sexual assault, rape, lewd gestures or exposure, etc, come under sexual harassment. Most people think that sexual harassment happens only to women, men can be sexually harassed as well. 

Session Objectives:

· Identify harassment behaviour and issues and stop them.

· Identify the difference between harassment and discrimination.

· Differentiate between the work and social environments and recognize boundaries.

· Minimize conflict and maximize the effectiveness of employees who handle sexual harassment   complaints.

· Identify correct and incorrect behaviour.

· Use of techniques to draw out information from all involved parties.