Self Inquiry meditation is a method to examine ourselves and keep a constant awareness of “Who am I”.  One of the popular Meditation techniques that expose the illusions related to ‘Who am I?’ This art was introduced by Ramana Maharshi in the form of Self-Inquiry. According to him, self-inquiry is apt to know yourself without any covers. It is the direct path to discover the unreality of a person and his thinking.

The Self Inquiry technique is one of the most important meditation practices in the Vedic tradition, also called ‘Atma-Vichar’ in Sanskrit. Self-inquiry is the method through which one can progress to Self-realization, the realization of truth and reality. We human-beings get easily stimulated to know about ourselves at several ages, levels, and Self-inquiry is effective and helpful to people.

“The Self is awareness. The truth is that 'Self' is constant and intermittent awareness. 

The object of inquiry is to find the true nature of the Self as Awareness. Let one practise enquiry so long as separateness is perceived” - Ramana Maharshi

The Retreat offers a great experience to feel the complete flora of consciousness, spiritual awakening and peace in the body, mind, and spirit. The Retreat is inspired by the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi from his book ‘Who am I’ and ‘Self Inquiry’.

Self-Inquiry Retreat Program for Inter College and University students of age group 18 to 26

This age bracket is a phase of life where we experience extreme emotions, Lust for luxury and Material.  This phase is critical for life as we experience relationships, friendships, a major decision on career and education is also taken. 

This phase is actually a roller coaster of physical and emotional changes in life. The kind of friends we meet and spend time with, or, what career to choose, where to apply for higher education, pampering yourself and your partner in a relationship, break up of love relationships, and dream to achieve wealth as soon as possible are, such distractions that pull us away from ourselves bringing change in our behaviour, mental and physical stability, peace, focus and energy.

Before stepping forward and begin to work in an institution/ organisation, it is better to know yourself. Understand your potential. Address your weaknesses. It removes the superficial illusions and helps you discover your real self. Other benefits of the practice would be improving the focus, calmness, better decision-making skills that will support you for a better and successful life.

Self-Inquiry Retreat for Women between the age group of 28 to 38

Women often feel stuck with the responsibility of life and family at this phase of life. 

Balancing between the work and responsibility mostly leave them stressed and irritated. 

Some women take sabbatical from their flourishing career to look after their family or children. 

It affects them gradually. It includes working women, broken relationships, single mothers and even the one who sacrificed their career. Women feel drained physically as well as emotionally. 

Stuck between the responsibilities and dreams, they are left lonely and unhappy. 

This leads to fatigue, misdirection and aggression in their nature. Survival of women during a heart attack is critically low. 

This program offers Self-Inquiry retreat for women. It helps to rediscover their lost identity and lead a better and active life.

Self Inquiry Program Details


Self-inquiry Retreat is a Two-Week Program offered by Nirvana The Moksha. 

Number of Registrations for the Program:

  • For College Students : Minimum - 10, Maximum - 15 
  • For Homemaker and Working  Women - Minimum - 5, Maximum 10



Routine at our Retreat 

05:30 - 06:30          Wake up, Morning kriyas, Walking Meditation

06:30 - 07:45          Outdoor activity / Pranayama and Asana

07:45 - 09:00          Breakfast and Refresh 

09:00 - 09:30          Mantras

09:30 - 10:30          Meditation

10:30 - 11:30          Relaxation time 

11:30 - 12:30          Philosophy Session, discussions on Life

12:30 - 13:00          Lunch (Satvik Food)

13:00 - 16:00          Study or Rest 

16:00 - 17:00          Evening Tea / Coffe and Snacks

17:00 - 19:30          Indoor / Outdoor activity, guest session 

19:30 - 20:30          Dinner

20:30 - 21:00          Post Dinner Meditation

21:00 - 22:30          Read / Sleep 

22:30 -                        Lights Off



Single Accommodation will be provided in a very neat and clean hotel, resort, ashram, with hot and cold water facility, hygienic and neat premises and rooms, and security. For double bed accommodation, pls inform us at the time of registration (additional fee will be applicable).

During Free Time:

During your free time, you may go for any activity happening in the town, or study, or use a small library for more knowledge etc.

Rules and Regulations:

  • The routine designed for the participants should be given a respect and to be followed. 
  • 100% participation is required for each participant to successfully complete the program.

Cancellation Policy: A reservation requires a deposit of 30% of the total Fee, The deposit is fully refundable, if the booking is cancelled. But inform 7 days before the program begins, otherwise, no refund will be applicable. The balance fee should be paid 3 days before the arrival date.

What is included in the Retreat?

  • Accommodation 
  • Daily vegetarian meals
  • Cleansing kit for morning kriyas
  • Study materials, if needed
  • A brief astrological consultation
  • Herbal Full Body Massage and Head Massage

Accompanying and supporting during your time spent, help provided, 24 Hours.

What does not include in the Retreat?

  • Any other additional activities
  • To and fro Transportation  / Airfare / Travel 
  • Ayurvedic consultation and treatments
  • Detailed Aura check-up
  • Naturopathic consultation and treatments
  • Spa treatments




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